Jérôme Baudry

Jérôme Baudry



PhD Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (2014) & PhD Harvard University (2015)

Research interests

Jérôme Baudry’s research focuses on the history and sociology of technology. Within the research group “Rethinking Science and Public Participation,” he studies the social forms and technologies of participation in distributed computing and crowdsourcing.

Jérôme also works on the history of intellectual property, especially patents, and on textual and visual representations of technology. In his EHESS dissertation, he studied the creation and implementation of the French patent system during its first 50 years of existence (from 1791 to 1844), showing how textual and visual representations of inventions shaped the emerging categories of intellectual property. His Harvard dissertation took a broader view of the representations of technical objects, inside and outside IP, between 1750 and 1850.

Jérôme Baudry is a fond user of quantitative and digital methods, such as prosopography or textual analysis. He has taught history and sociology at Sciences Po Paris, École Normale Supérieure (Cachan) and Harvard University. He is currently in charge of an introductory class to the history and sociology of science and technology at the University of Geneva.


Baudry J, Tancoigne E and Strasser B (forthcoming), “From Crowd to Community: Architecture and Ideology of Three Online Citizen Science Platforms” (in preparation)

Baudry J (forthcoming), “The Return of the Crowd. A Symptomatic Reading” (in preparation)

Baudry J (forthcoming), “Examining Inventions, Shaping Property: The Savants and the French Patent System” (submitted to History of science, in revision)

Baudry J (forthcoming), “A Politics of Intellectual Property. The French Revolution and the Creation of a Patent System” (submitted to Technology & Culture, in revision)

Strasser B, Baudry J, Mahr D, Sanchez G and Tancoigne E (forthcoming), “”Citizen science”? Rethinking Science and Public Participation” (submitted to S&TS, in revision)

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