Dana Mahr

Dana Mahr



PhD Bielefeld University (2013)

Research interests

Dana Mahr is a postdoctoral researcher within the ERC/SNF research group “Rethinking Public Participation and Science” at the University of Geneva. Her research centers on sociology and history of public participation in science, technology and medicine from different perspectives. In 2014 she published her PhD thesis “Citizen Science: Participatory Knowledge Production in the late 19th and early 20th Century” (In German). In addition, Dana Mahr explores the history and sociology of the co-production of knowledge between patients, families, medical professionals and scientists within emerging biomedical practices like whole genome sequencing. In Geneva she works on discovering “longue durée” relations between social movements and participatory health research. Furthermore she is representative of the Swiss Confederation within COST Action “Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe”.

   CV 2016 August


Mahr D, Mahr E, and Rehmann-Sutter C, (forthcoming), Searching for meaning in genes.
Two types of sense-making towards ‘genetic’ factors in narratives of people suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases who want to have children (in German). (planned submission to ZfS).

Mahr D, (forthcoming), Narrating Genes. How patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases interpret a emerging disease etiology and how we can make sense out of it by developing a historically and sociologically informed framework, in: Heike Petermann et al. (eds): A history of human genetics, Munich: Springer.

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Mahr D, (2014), Citizen science: Participatory knowledge production in the late 19th and early 20th Century (PhD thesis Bielefeld University; in German), Science and Technology Studies 12, Baden-Baden: Nomos. (LINK)