A research project on how citizens produce scientific knowledge

How did lay citizens become involved in the production of scientific knowledge? Where does this movement fit in the broader history of public participation in science? How did the rise of the “amateur” redefine expertise in a democratic society? And who are these “citizen scientists” today? These are some of the questions we will address in this five years interdisciplinary research project on the transformations of public participation in science.

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A writing group for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences from Geneva and Lausanne

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Encouraging Inclusive Swiss Healthcare

Encouraging Inclusive Swiss Healthcare

LGBTQIA+ realities as lived expertise in the production of health and wellbeing policies Dana Mahr, Patricia A. Solomon, Urs Vanessa Sager, Mirjam Werlen, Noemi Grütter, and Martin Vieweger Acknowledgments: We developed the core ideas for this exploratory blog entry...

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