Recent Presentations and Publications

  • Strasser, Bruno J, Jérôme Baudry, Dana Mahr, Gabriela Sanchez, and Elise Tancoigne, “‘Citizen Science’? Rethinking Science and Public Participation.” Science and Technology Studies, (2018, online, forthcoming) (DOWNLOAD)
  • Mahr, Dana, Claudia Göbel, Alan Irwin & Katrin Vohland (2018) “Watching or Being Watched. Enhancing Productive discussion between the Citizen Sciences, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities”, in: Susanne Heckler et al. (eds.): Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy, London: UCL Press, ch 7, (2018). (DOWNLOAD)
  • Strasser, Bruno, and Muki Haklay. Citizen Science: Expertise, Democracy, and Public Participation, Report to the Swiss Science Council. Bern, Switzerland (2018). (DOWNLOAD)
  • Bruno J. Strasser, ECSA2018 Keynote, Geneva June 4th, 2018. (DOWNLOAD).

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