Quick access to essential links and materials for biofabbing:

Register Attendance (Closed after 1. May)

Let us know you are coming. It is also important to create IDs for access clearence to CERN and Biotech Campus. If you are too late, try to contact the organizers.

BioFabbing Master Agenda

The event’s agenda is being assembled on a Google Doc. It is still a draft and when the agenda is finalized It is available to comment.

Contribute to the Unconference part

The Unconference of DIYbio and BioArt Networks, is a self-organized gathering where participants can propose workshops, discussion groups, presentations, parties, hackathons, anything. We are using the Forum to discuss ideas!


For basic questions or concerns send an email to Gabriela A. Sanchez

You can keep up with updates by subscribing to our newsletter, join our Slack team, and discuss on the Forum.